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Shizugawa is a beautiful fishing town located on the coast about 90 kilometers northeast of Sendai, heading towards Kessenuma. The town is actually located on a bay with small mountains surrounding it. The bay has a few small islands, one of which, Areshima, has a walkway leading out to it.


On Areshima is a small shrine and it's a nice place to walk around.  Across from Areshima is a beach area.  I love to walk, so I have explored Shizugawa area on foot and found some really nice peaceful places in the mountains and on the coast.


Near Shizugawa is a campground/park area called Kamiwarizaki.  The scenery there is great and itís located on the coast.  I haven't actually camped there, but have heard good reports from those who have.


There are a couple of good restaurants in Shizugawa.


Cafe G is located right next to the station.  It's a pretty western type place with spaghetti, pizza, good coffee, great CD's, and a really cool owner. 


The other, Ikue, is a yakitori place and can be found behind the post office. The owner is extremely sweet, speaks a little English (he used to work for a U.S. airforce base in Aomori), and he serves up the best yakitori I've ever had.


Shizugawa is located on the Kesennuma train line. There are a few direct trains but you usually have to change lines in Kogota. From Kogota to Kesennuma, you need to be on the Kesennuma line. Unfortunately, the train service finishes early. The last train leaving Sendai is at 17:40 (but, the 17:17 train is better as it is direct).


If you feel like getting away from the city life for some peace and quiet, Shizugawa is your place!


by Sarah E. Smith




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