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Well, here is the low-down on a small town named Kogota. The first thing that many people see of Kogota, and often the only thing, is the train station. Kogota is the Crewe of Miyagi (sorry, this is a reference to a station in England, all you non-Brits).


From Kogota you can get to most places in the northern half of Miyagi, well those with a station anyway! So, if you are unlucky enough to miss your connecting train, or adventurous enough to come here on purpose, you will have the chance to, even if briefly, explore Kogota.


One great thing about Kogota is the Carp. These fish live in the long pool that stretches from the station to the post office. If you get the chance to see them once the weather gets cold, don't be alarmed if from a distance they look like they are being boiled, its just the fact that the water is heated during the winter months.


There is also the best supermarket for miles around on the outskirts of Kogota (it has been known for foreigners to come all the way from Tsukidate just to shop here!). It is called Max Value and has a great bakery (you can even try samples!) as well as cheese, other western foods and a great selection of Japanese foods.


Next door to Max Value is Yamaya (the sign is in Japanese). Here you can get beer and sake as well as western wines and spirits at cheap prices and the selection is quite good. Yamaya also offers imported foods at good prices (Brits take note high quality British teas at reasonable prices). The only problem with this great complex is that it is a good 50 minute walk (30 minutes by bike) from the station, but if you have time on your hands, as I often do, or a car, its well worth the visit.


The rest of Kogota is very much like any other small town. There is the usual mix of shops on the main road, and a particularly good izakaya (alcohol and food shop) opposite York Benimaru (look for a massive bird sign).


So if the mood takes you, or the train does not, why not have a look around Kogota?


by Danielle Farmer



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